Jerry Measimer ~ Maker of Hand Turned Wooden Cowboy Hats

Jerry Measimer owns Shop II Woodworks, located in Richfield, NC. He is an accomplished artist and woodturner specializing in wooden hats, bowls, vessels and other work. Visit Jerry at to see more of his work.


Abigail has been putting her creative skills to good use by making the most beautiful, unique cakes around for several years. She now has a shop in downtown Salisbury, NC where she can make a cake that is perfect for your special day, or sell you a cupcake for dessert.

Harvest Thai

Don and Sai Hill are leaving their comfortable life in North Carolina to live in a village of a few hundred people in central Thailand. Why? Because they have learned that the things we possess and money we save are not the best investments we can make. Here is what they are living for now…

Plowing Granite

New England was once a bustling center of Christianity and disciple making. Not long ago men like Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield, and D.L. Moody faithfully proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Today the spiritual landscape of New England is very different. Postmodernism and Universalism have become predominate philosophies ushering in a spiritual darkness that blankets a once bright land that has now become the least evangelical region of our nation.

But the news is not all bad! According to NETS institute for church planting “New England today is a convergence of Gospel need and Gospel opportunity.” Watch as we explore Ministry in New England: The Need, The Hope and The Call.

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Follow me as I follow Christ~Ben Hoar

Ben Hoar had a succesful dental practice and was living "the American dream" with his wife and seven children. As they grew in their faith they realized they were not living for eternity. They gave up what most of us think we want and don't regret it!

Why New England?

So you’re going into vocational ministry… have you considered New England?

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Jesus Heals After Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Edited, with permission, from: “Two Months After the Earthquake in Japan, English Version” about the work of Machida Christian Center.

Missions in Japan: Paul Suzuki, Hi-B.A. Gospel Team 2010

SEND International missionary Paul Suzuki tells us about Hi-B.A.'s Gospel Team 2010

Missions in Japan: Richard Nakamura Asakusa Tour

Follow SEND International missionary Richard Nakamura as he shows us the Buddhist Temple and Shinto Shrine in Asakusa and sheds light on the spiritual condition of Japan.